Our Mission

Our Mission, is to provide our clients with reliable and up to standard specs, raw materials for smelting. Depending our client’s needs and preferences, we provide this service by actin as Agent or as Principle Trader.

Our Team, works with reliable, quality and service minded suppliers and internationally recognized inspection companies, all the while continuously expanding our supply base.

Our Freights, depending the routes, are entrusted to savvy and well known shipping experts, who ensure competitive freights.

Our Markets, are Turkey, Greece, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan and China.

Our Field Offices and Overseas Agents in New York, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Singapore, Taipei, Seoul, Bangkok, Ho Chi Ming, Mumbai  and Shanghai, have many years of solid experience in this industry and have developed close personal relationships with most local steel mills. They have worked hand in hand with the mills for over 3 decades and assist our clients at discharge port with reliable shipping and market updates, smooth cargo deliveries and speedy settlements.

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